Aquaclear 110 vs Emperor 400 – Voting Poll

The voting results are in…. and the Aquaclear 110 has won the voting poll! Our community has decided the aquaclear is a better filter than the emperor 400. Here is a link to amazon if you want to read more reviews there!

AquaClear 110 Aquarium Power Filter - for 60 to 110 Gallon
List Price: $79.95
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  • I run a bioball system underneath and 110s up top on my 125 , was told the carbon would work against my bioballs so I took the carbon out ,.. thoughts on this ?
  • all the carbon does is absorbs any chemicals. The bioballs simply give the bacteria a place to live. The carbon will have ZERO affect on this. There is no relationship between the two. JUST REMEMBER, THE CARBON IS ONLY GOOD FOR A WEEK OR SO…………AFTER THAT, IT WILL LEACH BACK EVERYTHING IT ABSORBED BACK INTO THE AQUARIUM!!!!!
  • Carbon is completely useless, it is only effective for up to two weeks. Carbon only absorbs tannins, plant fertilizers, and medication. Chemical filtration is not needed as experienced fish keepers only use biological and mechanical filtration. If you wish to use chemical filtration, use seachem purigen or chemipure products.
  • It’s good stuff, I’ve found from experience with an Aquaclear 50 and 70 they seem to filter and polish the water far better with Seachem Purigen and Matrix and adding fine filter wool. I find I can go 2 to 3 weeks without a water change opposed to stock media (which isn’t terrible by anymeans).
  • I’ve been running AQ filters for 20 years, I’ve tried canisters of all kinds Ehiem Fluval etc. This is hand down the easiest to maintain. any media you can imagine can be put in. I can clean this filter 100% in about 10 minutes. Run 2, clean 1 at a time and I filter a 125g Discus tank no problem.
  • I put in another motor and impeller from a spare filter , also I do have the cover on but just kind of sitting on the top at an angle only because I’d really rather not have it off completely and it is a lot quieter I can hardly hear it, I put the lid on properly it vibrates and you can hear it from across the room and drives my wife crazy, other than that it’s an excellent filter, one thing you can do they happen to put too much carbon in those bags, when I rinse my media out I still get a lot of black rinsing out in the tank water that I rinse my media out in, when I replace carbon I’m going to put a lot less in there and then the bio media on top will sit lower that’s one suggestion I can think of.
  • love that tank, I just want to ask is that AquaClear noisy I bought a 70 and it’s making a loud buzzing sound I tried Vaseline I tried another impeller still got a buzzing sound what do you think about that?
  • I just got my aqua clear 50 for a 20 gallon tank. after having the aqua whisper / I have 2 oranads . I know your going to say i need a bigger tank. it all started when I got my second fish I dont think the filter I had was keeping up with poop and shit flying around just a touch cloudy. it more the stuff floating around ANYWAY I just tell me It will clear up over night. I did a 50% water change turned the old filter back on and it blew out a cloud of crap ! hasnt been the same !! any help you can give me please.
  • thoroughly clean your filter and media. also the addition of some more filtration sounds unavoidable at this point. your water is becoming fouled. you’ll need more filtering and volume. let me know if you have any other questions. thanks for watching
  • sick bro. i have acquired a 30 gallon clear for life was thinking of getting the 110. appreciate it. i like alot of filtration but dont like canister. i got a smartfilter 50 and it’s weaksauce but the water flows past the heater— the chemipure is sooo good stuff. purigen, all that fancy stuff. dig your settups man!– not sure if it’ll be too heavy for my acrylic though..
  • I have two filters going simply to overfilter the tank. I generally recommend over filtering any tank providing it doesn’t disturb the fish. as for the Marineland, it helps but it isn’t what is keeping the water so clear. the 110 is the workhorse. the Marineland is only made for a 30 gallon tank and sits slightly higher on my 75 gallon tank so that is actually what is making all the noise.
  • Awesome tank. Those are comet goldfish I see. Im a goldfish guy myself. But just a heads up those fish might outgrow your tank. Fancy goldfish are better for tanks under 125 gallons. Love your tank though and the review.
  • I have a 200 gallon planted aquarium with two 110’s running. No carbon/ammonia (chemical) or sponge (mechanical) on either of the aqua clears. Just three bio maxes on each which take care of everything. Superior biological filtration, the media still acts mechanically, and the surface area is so well populated, I believe its proving better than a carbon/ammonia chemical filtration cartridge. My water is clear and nitrate and ammonia levels remain low. Healthy fish, beautiful plants 🙂
  • Agreed although at the 18 month mark mine started to majorly crap out on me. I have a video Im getting ready to put up about it so be sure to check it out. It is def a work horse but has problems after a while. I have everything from the baby aquackear to the 110. I like them all but there are a few things that absolutely drive me nuts about them lol
  • I have a 30 and 50 running in the same tank. I added the 50 when my tiny feeder fish (one is a gold Koi) grew into little monsters. They do a really great job. About the sponge, I cut mine to half the thickness to maximize the bio rings I could fit in it. That’s what’s great about these, the ability to customize. You can also swap out the charcoal bag for an ammonia filter bag until your bio is going real well.
  • I pair an aquaclear 50 with a fluval 206 on my 40 gal breeder cichlid tank. it is pretty good but canisters offer way more surface area than hobs. one of my trays in the 206 equals all the room for media in my aqua clear 50. very good review, and I will probably get the 110 for a 90gal one day but I will definitely pair it with either a few sponge filters or another canister.

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