Gourami Fish Need a Heater?

Topic: I am just getting into tropical fish tanks and am setting up my first freshwater aquarium. I need some help on buying a heater for my tank. It is a 55 gallon aquarium and I want to keep Gourami fish in the tank. I need a helpful source on understanding aquarium heaters. Can someone lay out the basics on what I need? Thanks for help.

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Posted by Kelly R: -Found this Article to Help
If you are a fish lover then you must be concerned about the well being and health of your fish. There is probably nothing as important in maintaining fish tanks as keeping the temperature of the water according to the set level. In order to keep the temperature right, you will require fish tank heaters. Both salt water and fresh water fish are best kept in warm water, which stays steady.

There are various types of fish tank heaters available in the market. The functions of these fish tankers may differ and you will have to decide depending on how much you are willing to spend on them. The 3 types of main fish tank heaters are:

Thermo heaters: This is a type of heater and filter, built into one single unit. The water that flows through this type of thermo heater is cleaned up and warmed at the same time.

Rod-type heaters: The Rod-type fish tank thermometers are attached to the back wall of the tanks. The rods run the length of the tank wall. It the most convenient form of fish tank heaters.

Bottom heaters: These types of heaters come with heat cables that are placed at the bottom of the fish tank. These types of heaters help circulate the water through the bottom material. They also aid in the growth of the aqua plants.
The fish tank heaters come in various price ranges. Going for a very cheap heater is not a wise decision as many times the cheap heaters also do not have an accurate heat setting. This only makes dialing in the temperature all the more difficult.

The mid priced fish tank heaters are the best buys for those who cannot invest too much for the tank maintenance yet are concerned about the well-being of their pet fish. The thermostat controls of these fish tanks are dependable and they maintain a constant temperature. There is no requirement to make adjustments all the time.

The fish tank heaters are an important part of the fish tank ecosystem. With the water temperature maintained at a constant level, your fish will stay disease-free and healthy for years. Article Source: myfishtanksforsale.com

Posted by Kenny Vrason:
Just figure on needing 5 watts of energy per 1 gallon of water in your aquarium. So a 10 gallon aquarium would need 55 watt heater. Its that simple. Count on a descent heater being quite expensive. It sucks to buy just to heat the water but you will have it forever most likely. I have bought so many now that I don’t even look at the price haha. You can also check on craigslist for used ones that people are giving away with fish aquariums they don’t want anymore.

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