Fish Tank Thermometer Guide?

Topic: My aquarium has been setup and running well for a couple of days now. I have my heater going but have NO thermometer. I already have fish in the tank and they are seeming to do fine. I am going to buy a thermometer tomorrow. Can someone give me some guidance on picking one … [Read more…]

Cool Aquarium Lighting Effects

The technology used in aquarium lights has advanced a great deal in the past few years.  For anyone who purchased his or her aquarium lighting system more than a few years ago, it may be time for an update.  While the initial investment may seem prohibitive, many of the lights now on the market will … [Read more…]

Aquarium Supplies & What Is Important

A tropical fish tank is the most popular way to introduce marine life into any home.  Tropical fish are known for their bright colors, wide range of sizes, and their ability to thrive in an aquarium setting.  Though fish have gotten a reputation as being a good “starter pet,” it is important to understand their … [Read more…]

Aquarium Lighting Types & Different Setups

Selecting the right aquarium light is one of the most important fish tank accessories in determining factors in the health of the fish tank fish and plant life in your tank.  The healthiest aquariums are those that closely mimic the natural conditions of the inhabitants, and aquarium lights are a big contributor to creating the … [Read more…]