My Gourami Fish Died?

Topic: I’ve had two Gourami fish die overnight. They keep dying in my tank. One died and then I bought another and it died too. What is going on? Can help someone help me keep my dwarf gourami fishes alive?


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Posted by Nathan K: If you keep having problems with fish dying I would think your tank is not properly cycled. This is a process where beneficial bacteria needs to grow in the aquarium to make it safe for fish to live in it. A lot of new fishkeepers miss this process because they go out and buy a new fish and aquarium in the same day.. then go home and put the fish in it and it dies.

You need to do some research on how to properly cycle a new aquarium. There are some liquids you can buy in a bottle to speed it up. Or else if you have another fish tank that’s running you can just throw that used filter pad in your new tank and it will jump start everything. I usually go to the fish store and ask for a chunk of their filter pad and put it in my filter for the tank setup. That’s the easiest way to do it.

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  • Check your water check your water, and check your water out of your tap that you use To fill up the tank with, and I hear people saying they do 80% water changes every 3 to 4 days, just do not clean your filter out in less it is clogged up and if it’s clogged just do a light duty rinse.
  • It’s not my water, the tank is cycled, i check parameters with api test kit, and i do weekly water changes. These fish seem to thrive and then end up skinnier than they were from the store.
  • I’ve had the tank running for 4 months. I don’t allow ammonia or nitrite to get to above zero, I do an immediate water change if anything is above zero. One died in the tank and I didn’t find it for a day so that was the last spike like that.
  • I look really hard, but I don’t see anything protruding from the anus. There has been a change in their pooping, they’ve gone from pooping alot to not pooping much, and the poop being white (though not stringy, just not much) and that means its more likely to be parasite, but I don’t know that general cure will cover it.
  • you could treat for internal parasites dosing Fenbendazole powder in their food. i used this when i had a bad Camillus worm outbreak. it works with most parasitic worms from my understanding. worked great for me 4 days and gone. you have to keep dosing because of eggs though.
  • How many containers should I buy? Dosing a 20 gallon long tank. Would you combine this treatment with the API general cure or wait until the general cure period is up? (with shipping it may just be that way anyway).
  • hmm hard to say, the swollen gills suggest flukes but the chemical that you’re using woiuold help with that long with any internal parasites. …did you remove the activated carbon form the filter. Some fish will do a lot of chasing and fighting other fish.
  • Would flukes not be visable? I super hope it’s something that API general cure will knock out like that, but I figured I could see any type of gill parasite.
  • Flukes are microscopic…at best you wouldsee swollen gill lammallae.
  • Help please!! Long post! My son asked for fish for christmas, I love fish and thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce them in our home. We started small with a 3 gal tank. Unfortunately I can’t keep it clear and I keep killing the fish (tetras.)
    From the beginning it seemed to get murky quickly. I cleaned the tank once a week, I only emptied 60% like what was advised, I never changed the filter the same day, and I didn’t remove the fish from the bottom. No vacuuming. The times I removed the fish is when they died. This last time the tank smelled horrible and I was tired of the murky water so I decided we needed to start over. So I removed the fish and 25% water. I filled the tank with the 75 degree water, put in conditioner and reintroduced the fish. Then I turned the pump on. A tetra died shortly after, my other tetras are still acting spastic, and this morning my pleco was floating, I loved that guy! I find the three spot gouramies to be a lot less aggressive.
    So my questions are; why is the water so murky, why does it get this way so quickly, what should I do differently, what is happening to the fish, are these fish going to live, how can I help them?
    I’m asking because I want to know, because I don’t know. I want advice, I love fish, it breaks heart any time one dies. I have read every article, blog, and forum I can to try and figure this fish thing out. I need real fish people to help me. Thanks in advance!! (Video in comments of current tank condition).
  • I think it is great you and your son want to start keeping fish! It is a really great hobby to get into. I think 3 gallons is an OK start up point – but in a 3 gallon I would not put anything in it besides A single Betta fish. Tetras really need a lot of room to swim around in and it is recommended that 10 gallons is the minimum for them. If you kept receipt you can return the tetras and buy a beautiful Betta fish, which would be perfect for a 3 gallon 🙂 Also tropical fish need submersible heaters because they need 76-80 degree F water temps.
  • A lot of people get into it thinking all they need is a small tank and a fish, but it is actually a lot more complicated than that and you have to put in a lot of time and work into it, to upkeep the tank. There is so much a person needs to know to start in the fish keeping hobby and you are in the right place!
  • I’m seconding the upgrade to a larger tank like a 10 gallon, or even a 20 gallon if you have the space. Much easier to handle, and the kits are fairly cheap (like 30-40 dollars).
  • Also you need to let the filter cycle and build up bacteria. These bacteria will convert ammonia to another toxin, nitrite, which another type of bacteria will convert to nitrate, which is much less toxic and functions as plant/algae food and can be removed by water changes.  A new tank usually takes about 3-4 weeks to fully cycle. You can cycle it by “ghost” feeding the tank what you would feed your fish. Test kits will also help a lot. I think the freshwater test kit (which can test 100 or so times) is like 20 dollars on amazon.

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