What is Full Size of Kissing Gourami?

Topic: I just bought a kissing gourami for my 30 gallon tank and the employee at the pet store asked if I knew how large they get. I told her that I knew and was aware but I really wasn’t. I just wanted to feel important like I knew of these fish because I was obviously buying it right? We as fish keepers almost take offense when people question out knowledge.. how stupid of me! How big do kissing gouramis get?

*Awarded Answer
Reply from Nathan Z:
318px-Küssender_Gourami_IThe kissing gourami can grow up to 12 inches long. This is why the pet store employee asked you this because the kissing species of gouramis really can get huge. I do know what you mean though when it comes to knowing information on your fish. We do take offense to it and I agree that it’s almost stupid of us to do so.

Your 30 gallon aquarium is going to be way too small if that fish grows to be as large as it’s suppose to. Now you know at least. Not a huge deal but maybe try to figure out a future plan for the fish so it can have an adequate tank to swim around in. Just upgrade your tank to a bigger and better one! I vote a 120 gallon!

Reply from Sarah E:
I have owned a bunch of Kissing Gouramis and none of them grew to a foot long. I think when they’re held in captivity that most of them aren’t too small of a tank to allow them to grow to their full potential size. The biggest one that I have ever seen inside of an aquarium is around 6 inches in length. My daughter absolutely adored these fish because they did look like they were actually kissing each other and it’s kind of cute and it what makes for a popular choice in this species of fish.

Reply from Zach R:
This is why it is important to actually listen to what the pet store employees tell you instead of just thinking we all know what all because that’s what we all do. These people are out there trying to help others and just because we all think we know what all it kind of gets us into trouble sometimes and it’s a perfect example but I’m not gonna continue saying anything because you’re his stated how stupid you are. It really takes a strong person be able to Annette your mistakes and especially to admit that it was stupid of you so you already made progress.

Reply from Chris W:
I have done the same thing multiple times so I one feel guilty and as soon as I got home I had to go do some in-depth research and I’ve made some mistakes along the way. Found it to be really hard and difficult to try to give fish a different home when they are outgrowing their present aquarium. Somebody needs to create a community devoted to just locations where people can trade fish and aquarium stuff.

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