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Fish Species: “Honey Gourami” Habitat & Care

You will know the Honey Gourami by its vibrant coloration. It’s bright orange like coloration makes it one of the most popular aquarium fish of the industry. Even though they are among the smallest species of gourami fish, their vibrant appearance makes up. This particular species of Gourami is one of the smaller ones only averaging around 2 inches in at full growth length.

Nicknames: Flame Gourami, Red Fire Gourami, & Sunburst Gourami

honey gourami

Their natural habitat is usually flooded ditches and water holes. They do hold the power to live within low oxygen water conditions unlike most other fish. Their lungs are setup for them to breath a labyrinth style from the water surface. They are most comfortable in heavy vegetation where they can swim to hide when need be.

Foods and Nutritional Value

The Sunburst Gourami (nickname) is a omnivore and this means they eat both meat and plants. When kept in fish aquariums, count on tropical flake food being the core of their diet but also adding in some alternative meaty fish foods like bloodworms or dried shrimp. They will be more than happy to indulge in meat based fish foods and it adds some good protein to their diet.

Growth Size and Aquarium Size

image honeyThe Honey Gourami grows to around 2 inches long at full size. Even though that seems like a small fish, doesn’t mean they need a small aquarium. This is easy to mix up. Gourami fish in general need space to swim around and it’s almost part of their “health” and lifestyle. I want to stress not to keep these fish in any aquarium smaller than a 20 gallon. I would even go as far to say a 30 gallon aquarium but these are just bare minimum sizes.

It’s easy for me to get frustrated when I see Gourami fish kept in too small of aquariums. These fish truly need more space to swim around than other fish like say.. guppies or tetras. I hear too many stories of gouramis dying on people to not take action and speak some truth here.

Tankmates and Finding Roommates

The Flame Gourami (another nickname) isn’t tough to find tankmate friends to get along with. It’s easy going personality make it an ideal candidate for tons of other fun outgoing species. Some of the most popular fish that come to mind are Molly fish, swordtails, other Gourami species, South American Cichlids, Tetras, and many more. *Note: When housing with other gourami species, try and find the same mannered fish. In this instance, other related species to the Honey species would be the dwarf species, blue opaline and related.

If your having issues with Gourami aggression levels, a great trick to fix it is to add a more aggressive fish. Try to find a fish that could easily over power a Gourami but really wouldn’t actually do it. A great example I use all the time is the Blood Parrot Cichlid. A very happy go lucky cichlid that has some good size to push around but rarely would ever hurt another fish. When in the same tank with Gouramis, they realize they aren’t “in charge” anymore and the aggression levels completely disappear. This does work like a charm!

Water Parameters

Temperatures should be kept between 74-82 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is tropical climate temps and Gourami fish absolutely need this. Most aquarists find they need an aquarium heater to keep these water temperatures consistent. Figure on needing 5 watts per every single gallon of water to heat when buying an aquarium heater.

Gourami fish are strong survivors when it comes to water parameters. Many aquarium owners find that Gouramis outlive their tank mates when water conditions are sporadic. Great fish for beginners but I still have to urge everyone to study the art of having a well established fish aquarium. Even though these fish are tough, they still deserve the best habitat we can offer them.

Popularity in Aquarium Industry

In general the Gourami species of fish is very popular for middle level aquarists. There is a wide variety of Gourami species that have very different habitat traits. The cost to buy these fish is pretty low too which makes it affordable for almost anyone. I would recommend this fish to anyone looking to own tropical fish that add a beautiful touch of personality to a fish tank.

One thought on “Fish Species: “Honey Gourami” Habitat & Care

  1. Wendy Kailas

    Does anyone know if the Sunburst Gourami is another name for a Flame or Red Fire Gourami or are these three different fish?


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