How Long Blue Gourami Full Size Growth?

Topic: I have owned a blue gourami for around 2 months and it doesn’t seem to be growing much. I have the blue gourami with a female Betta in a 20 gallon aquarium. When will my blue gourami grow larger? How large are they suppose to get? Is my tank too small for his growth to continue? I have so many questions and could use some guidance here. Thanks.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Adam B:
blue gouramiThe Blue Gourami can grow up to 6 inches long and it should take the fish around 1-2 years to grow to its full size. That six inches is a very large one and I’ve never even seen one that big but they can grow “up to that size” technically stating. The tank size does make a difference on the growth of the fish at times.

You said your tank was a 20 gallon and that’s a bit small. I know that’s a very common size aquarium for beginners but you need to remember that smaller tanks are harder to keep clean for fish. The saying “one inch of fish equals to 10 gallons of water that fish needs to live in”. It’s a bit inflated to say that but what I’m getting at is a bigger tank would mean less work and a happier environment for your fish to live in. I learned this variable the hard way too. First I bought a 10 gal tank then a 20 then a 30 and now I have a 75 haha. It truly is a game changer to have a bigger tank.

Posted by Jason O:
I know right!?! I owned one of these fish for probably five years roughly and it seemed like the fishing never grow. I think the big factor in this equation is what sex your fish happens to be because the full size of this species is actually the mail fish tank it’s a lot bigger or else the female species in some different species. I have black convict cichlids with my gouramis and the male is almost double the size of the female.. or vice versa female vs male. I had a small dwarf species gourami for years and loved it. A lot of these species one of the sax gets a lot bigger than the other and that needs to be taken account for.

Posted by Sara T:
Another factor that could be disrupting the growth of your fish would be how often you actually feed it. Sometimes when fish are in a community tank with lots of other fish there is a hierarchy that the smaller fish and less aggressive fish just do not get as much food as the more aggressive ones with the hierarchy. Maybe your fish could grow larger but it’s just not getting the proper nutrition that it could be getting an certain other scenarios.

Posted by Zack L:
It’s because of what sex your fish is or if it’s a female or male. Even though a lot of online sources are going to tell you the full-size that doesn’t mean that you have the right sex of it getting to that full capacity size of a full growth. Then the next factor is going to be a aquarium size because if it doesn’t have enough gallons four to grow then the fish just will not grow at all and stay the same size. Are are lots of other factors but these are the leading to factors that judge how big your fish can get and the next one would be nutrition and stress levels of your fish.

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