Kissing Gourami Eat My Plants?

Topic: I just got a kissing gourami and the employee told me they would eat my live plants in my aquarium. I’m wondering if I should remove my plants or just leave them in. Could a kissing gourami do enough to wreck or uproot plants? I’m new to gourami fish so I don’t know their strength or personality wise. Please help.

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Posted by Sarah J:
kissing gouramiThe Kissing Gourami is a full time feeder but not an aggressive type. Every “Kisser” that I have owned has just nibbled the algae off the plants. These fish do get pretty large though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would eat smaller leave like sections.. but until they get pretty large you won’t have to worry. It would have been helpful if you told us the size of your kissing gourami. I have seen them almost a foot in length.. so there is a lot of gap between juvenile and adult.

I can assure you adult kissers will eat your plants because they are huge. Most people have fake plants with them in the tank and that works best. Certain plants like moss balls and java fern make it tough for them to feed on too. It’s kind of one of those choices you have to make to have some of these plant hungry animals.

Posted by Andrew R:
I have owned a couple of kissing gouramis and haven’t had them ever reach full size. Mine were in a 55 gallon tank that was heavily Planted so maybe the other fish have something to do with the fish’s growth. I have seen pictures of some that get super big and almost need a tank of their own! Quite a cool fish because of the kisser motion of the lips. I’m a huge fan of this fish. Great choice on what species to choose!

Posted by Nathan E:
I never really had an issue with mine eating my plants but maybe it’s because I had one of those automatic feeders that was constantly feeding them a little bit numerous times a day really kept him busy. I tell you what though that automatic fish feeder that disperses the food on a set schedule is one of the best things ever paid for. The key here is to keep your fish like this well fed so they don’t get bored and start disrupting your life plants and wrecking them.

Posted by Jamie K:
That’s a good idea Nathan I really never thought of that. Probably going to go do some research on Amazon and figure out which one is the best based on reviews because I’ve heard a lot of people switching of these and they’re a good thing. I’m on those people that is really Laytown technology because I like old-school tactics because they’re proven but I just bought one of those automatic electrical light switches that turns off and on my lights and it’s the best thing in the world.

Replied by Nathan E:
Sometimes you just have to accept some technology to make your life a lot easier and I wouldn’t say that this is really advanced stuff these things have been around the aquarium hobby for probably a decade. It’s just a matter of having the prices go down so average people can afford them and that is possible now. I’m sort of the same way with sticking to what works and I know exactly what you mean.

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