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Topic: What dose puragin do?
Do I have to change it out like once a month?

  • Purigen is a great option for “chemical” filtration. I’ve used it for a number of years in my planted tanks and my water never gets that milky haze. It is super easy to recharge and use over and over.
  • willll it take out the yellow tent of my water?
  • Depends on what it is but in all likelihood, yes. Also make sure to keep your dead plant material pruned and cleaned out, too.
  • Water changes will take the yellow tint out. Do more maintenance bruh. The yellow is dissolved organics. Remove them by removing the water. Purigen is 100% unnecessary and redundant if you do proper water changes. All chemical filtration is redundant unless you are removing medication. But even then, a simple water change will do just that as well. All I’ve ever had in my filters for close to 15 years is mechanical and biological media. Check out the clarity. It looks like its filled with air instead of water because its so clear.
  • Water changes go without saying. 10-20% weekly especially in a planted tank. Evaporation and refill will also cause higher mineral hardness and TDS. Gotta stay up on water changes for a healthy tank regardless. Purigen will also trap the suspended organics and keep it looking cleaner.
  • I do a water changes at least once a week. I have a 1.5 gallon vase tank. I have a hob filter and I have a few plants in there. I do water change about twice to 3 times a week on that tank since it’s so small. After a day my water turns yellow and I was just wondering if puragin will take it out
  • What do you have in the tank plant wise that it yellows that quickly? If you use Purigen in that environment, it should help but you will probably be recharging the Purigen monthly.
  • Regular water changes can maintain. However if anything builds up over time because you get behind or lazy, Purigen is a worthwhile option. I had a smaller tank that I regularly changed 20% of the water weekly. The water always got this milky film to it. Purigen resolved that.
  • Its awesome in a can
    Use a fine micron bag
    Change it only when it turns dark brown
    Recharge it by soaking in bleach per the instruction
  • Purigen does give water a nice polished look, but if you’re running a planted tank and dosing ferts it defeats the purpose as purigen strips the good stuff out as well as the bad. Now .. using root tabs or having dirt it’s a different story.
  • Actually theres a 15″ clown knife fish and a 12″ l190 red eye royal pleco. Both are ridiculous at producing bioload. Theyre just hiding behind the wood.