DIY Python Water Changer Hose Size?

Topic: My Python water hose is broken. I want to DIY a new hose onto my setup. What is the hose size on the python water changer? I understand people make their own setups and just use the same size hose and it should work fine.. right?? Need some help here from you guys. Thanks for your help.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Mathew H: I would advise just buying a new python hose that is designed for the water changer itself. That hose that is made by python is SUCH GOOD QUALITY. When changing the water in your fish tanks you will be constantly moving that thing around and wrapping it up over and over. They sell an “extension hose” that works the same as the regular hose

The hose size of the python water changer is 5/8″. I’ve tried buying regular hose from the hardware store and it just doesn’t cut it.. The hose made by python is almost like a polyurethane silicone material that is super flexible. They even sell a replacement hose, here is a link to it


Posted by Nick J: I’ve tried to build my own water changer and it just doesn’t work out. The hardest part is getting the gravel vacuum on the end. People don’t understand that a big part of the water changer itself is that it has a sucking power gravel cleaner which is a huge deal. As the water is being pulled out you use that special end to clean the bottom of the tank. How are going to build that portion.. YOUR NOT. If your too broke or tight on money to buy the python then buy the Aqueon brand. It’s a little bit cheaper.

  • First water change with a python. OMG what a difference!!!! Thank you to everyone who directed me to python instead of aqueon. It worked great, no issues at all. And such a difference in time and stress on both me and the fish! I’m slowly switching to planted from plastic. I’ve got 3 plants in there, adding more every week or two as I figure out which ones work for me And my gravel.Also, going carbonless on this tank has been a terrific choice. I can tell a difference in everything. This is also my first week doing the api master kit testing. 2 days ago all of my levels were great. *******How long do I wait after a water change before I do the test again? Is this something I can do immediately or wait a couple hours?******* Thanks again for all the advice on the python! And yep, I definitely need to order the hook lol. The 25 foot is just barely long enough and a hook would help a lot!
  • Quick question for Seachem Safe user. Do you only treat what you take out/put in it do you treat entire tank after a water change? I assume you only treat what you takeout/out in but want to make sure since it says not to OD. Thanks.
  • Hey guys I need some quick help.. I just got my first python to clean my tank and I’m about to add the water back in but how do I treat it with aqua plus if it’s coming right out of the tap????
  • Treat before you add new water. The new water has the toxins that you are removing with the Prime or whatever brand you are using.
  • You can refill slowly to avoid big fluctuations and possible high concentrations of chlorine, etc….You can have a small tub floating on the water surface, add the treatment and fill into it to let it overflow into the tank. Usually, we don’t have to be so careful, but if you insist to be careful, this might work for you. 30 to 50 percent water changes don’t usually need treatments. There are wastes and many organics in a mature tank and filter that neutralizes the chlorine. A small concentration of chlorine can help clear up some of the possible parasites?


Posted by Maggie Y: For those who use a python or similar for water changes, when and how do you add your prime? Are you carefully doing anything else when using it? I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong.

  • I typically add it when I’m filling back up. Never had an issue and i used to use the terrible water in California. If you’re concerned, add the prime just before filling it back up.
  • Use prime as lm filling up after water change, swear by this product.
  • I use the python to vacuum the tank. Then I put the clean water in a 30 gallon Rubbermaid trashcan, heat it and add prime and whatever else (excel plant food). I have a small pond pump that I use to move the water from the can to the aquariums.
  • I dose the entire tank, not just what your adding. And I add it after turning the water on.
  • Drain it down using pyrhon. I switch the valve on the faucet to fill but keep the valve at the nozzle closed. I use Safe, not Prime but the steps are the same. I pour my safe into the Python tube while it’s facing up then I open the water slowly and shake it to mix it. Then I pour it in and start filling it just like I always would. I add enough for three entire tank, the price is so cheap I don’t see the need to premix.
  • I use safe as well and just sprinkle it directly into tank. You add such a small amount it disolves fairly quickly and the fish are totally fine. I just drop the powder right where the python is filling up. Always done this and never lost a fish from it (not even sensitive 1 day old fry).
  • Fair enough. I tried that the first time and my fish were eating the powder. Figured dissolving seems better. Either way works I guess.

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