Sick Fish, Damage to the Head?

Topic: This is my eldest gourami. He is been with me since last may, and he is suffering from what you can see. He is currently in a isolation 10 gl. hospital tank, 2x25W heaters, 80ºF, treating with erytomicime dissolved in the water. –Source:


According to my books and references, this could be septicemia (redded fins) or pseudomoniasis (skin wounded). Right after transferral, all the wounds started to look more “bloody” and the fins showed red spots.

Can someone add to the the diagnose? I lost a tankmate about 4 days ago that showed similar symptoms and after been transferred to the hospital tank developed a serious case of saprolegnia (cotton fungus). He was already weak and a heater failure in the middle of the night made a dissaster.

EDIT: the bubbles you see are air in the glass. Nothing to worry or be concerned.

Posted by Roan Art:
It also looks like quite a few other diseases I’ve seen, and it does resemble Hemorrhagic septicemia, but it also looks like TB.

You’ve had two fish with this? Have you added any new fish into his tank recently? Water parameter burps, especially ammonia? FWIK, septicemia isn’t contagious.

If you haven’t had a really high ammonia spike, then I can’t see how it could be septicemia, unless it was brought in by a pathogen.

Try that link and take a look.


Posted by OrionGirl:
Actually, IME, gouramies are prone to this bacterial infection. You can try pulling him out and treat with maracyn. I had a problem with it in my gouramies once they hit about 5 years old–the younger fish wouldn’t get it, but it was lethal to every older gouramie I had. I tried a variety of treatments, from salt to heat to antibiotics, and had the best results with maracyn–but it did return within a few weeks.

Sorry–hope someone else has something better to offer.

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