Cascade 1000 vs Fluval 406?

Topic: I am buying a new canister filter for my aquarium and wondering some Cascade 1000 reviews? Or maybe some arguments on the cascade 1000 vs fluval 406 canister filter. They both seem like a descent choice. The Cascade is a little cheaper and I could save some money buying that or just breaking down and getting the fluval. Need some help and reviews here folks?


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Posted by Sarah M: The Cascade 1000 is an awesome filter and I can vouch for it. I’ve owned a couple of them through the years of my fishkeeping. They are very quiet and the media is great. What’s also nice about Cascade filters is the parts are all easy to find and you can rebuild them. So once you buy the device your pretty much set to go. I think the Cascade 1500 is on a closer scale to the Fluval 406. I would choose the Cascade still because they are cheaper and still very quality filters. You can also read more reviews here

Cascade CCF3UL Canister Filter, 100 Gallon, 265gph
List Price: $149.99
Price: $67.59
You Save: $82.40
Price Disclaimer

But then you start talking about the Fluval too.. haha. They have always been known as pretty much the “top dog” in the filter industry. The thing that sucks with fluval though is the PRICE. Your basically talking about two super good filters that are very close to comparison that have been around for a long time with both also having amazing customer reviews. I have owned both of these filters and they both have their little quirks that make each their own but pretty similar on a comparison scale. It’s a very hard decision.. here’s some more reviews

Fluval 406 External Filter
List Price: $198.95
Price: $198.95
Price Disclaimer

  • So I think I’m going to buy a cascade 1000 today since my fluval 404 crapped out… Can I get some feedback on it?
  • Thanks for the add just got a tank was looking at the cascade 1000 it’s a 55 gallon tank I’m also a newbie so any help would be great thanks.
  • What media should I be running on a 75 gallon freshwater tank I have acascade 1000 and a Nat geo Cf 80 canisters.
  • I have a cascade 1000 canister filter, & I broke the intake pipe fitting that the hose goes on. Any idea where to track down that part? It’d basically be part B just can’t seem to find it. Thought about just building one out of plumping parts at home depot
  • Anyone use a Fluval G3 Canister Filter? Pro’s, Con’s? Been thinking about getting one for a new 55 Build. I currently operated a Cascade 1000Canister on my exsisting 55gallon and have been extremely happy with it.
  • My favorite filter system is eheim cause for one you can fit all their parts on all their systems so upgrade is easy and I find them easier to stop and go and clean.


Posted by Nick L: Hey there I just bought a canister filter a cascade 1000 and its blowing air bubbles into my tank it that bad for the filter motor ?

  • Its not bad but you need to purge you canister more.
  • You need to get all the air out of the filter. I love the cascade filters!!
  • If you tilt filter side to side gently the air bubbles left in cannister will release out of cannister.
  • There should be a primer button/pump on top keep pressing until bubble stop coming out of outhouse.
  • I did that after I cleaned it and now like a week later it’s blowing bubbles not a lot just once in awhile
  • little bit of bubbles is not issue now and then, just make sure you turn the valves closed when doing a wc, helps keep air out of system, open them back up after wc and wa la!
  • cascade filters are great filters, I have several.


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Posted: I posted about help for my platies I suspected of parasites. Due to their poo being whitish in areas, but most of them have very stringy poo. (You can see her stringy poo in the picture)And are bloated. They are fed NLS flakes 2x per day. Some days they have been getting bloodworms.
This female red wag now has a raised looking scale on her side. Which had some white hue to it. I don’t know what it is, or how to proceed with treatment. For her and the whole tank? I also should note in my original parasite post, I have treated the tank with hexshield food, and prazipro in water.

A little bit of background on the tank they are in.
Columnaris is also a possibility I was considering because I had a sorority of 7 female bettas that I acquired in May, in the 55g with the platies originally. Since, I have lost 5 of the female bettas from some form of columnaris (mouth rot, cottony tufts, dropsy). I feel their immune systems became compromised from stress. The two remaining female bettas have been out of the tank for 3 weeks, at least now.
Tank Parameters
79 degrees
0 ammonia
0 nirites
20 nitrates
Tank mates
11 RMTs
6 bronze cories
7 female variety platies
8 juvi platies


Posted: hi again folks.
I’m having some difficulty with my guppies, which is kinda weird. Now, before people get to excited with solutions, i live in the middle of no where, am flat broke, and only have water conditioner and a ph kit in my arsenole.

My guppies are dying, but the ph is normal, and i can’t find any reason for it. My cleaning regiem is average, but being busy it does suffer at times. We run a church drop in centre, and the kids LOVE watching the guppies, so you can imagine what busy looks like here! Anyways, about nine months ago, i had a tank problem, and had to put my 8 male gups in with the 8 females until i could get a new heater. So, we had a bit of a population explosion, but we had the tank space for it, mainly. It was over populated for a while, and I admit the water changes weren’t what they needed to be. But now I’m down to about 25 males in one 50g, and only 6 females in another 50g tank, have had the water changes under control for several months, and my fish are still dying. What’s going on? I’ve cleaned everything i can think of. (Yes, i’ve let some mate now to improve the population numbers). For context, I have a tall hexagon tank at approximately 18g that has 4 pregnant females, and approximately 10-20 babies born yesterday (Yay!). I also have a 10g where i put them to mate, that has a dwarf aquatic frog in it. Thankfully, his tank has stayed healthy. The hex tank is a fairly new set up- approximately April.

So, HELP is appreciated, be kind there is enough unkindness in the world already. Thanks again!


Posted: Need some advice, I recently purchased a few Discus frye and am keeping them in a 10g just until their custom aquarium build is done.

The problem is that we recently moved from one house to another (the discus moved wit us) and the old home was on city water. The discus were fine, no black coloration, eating and behaving normally. The new home is on well water and since the move the frye have been hiding more, so I changed the light to a less intense one (seemed to help a little with the shyness) and have continued all my daily maintenance on their tank. The only difference being I am no longer using tap water conditioner (API Brand).

They are showing black fins and markings like fhey are severely stressed and using API test strips the nitrates and nitrites are too low to detect (90% water change daily, feeding a beef heart mixture) GH appears the same as was at my old house, but PH may be a bit higher? Hard to tell ph with these strips I will get a better kit in the next couple days.

So my question to you is what do you think, if anything, is causing this discoloration and sudden shyness?


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