Fish Tank Thermometer Guide?

Topic: My aquarium has been setup and running well for a couple of days now. I have my heater going but have NO thermometer. I already have fish in the tank and they are seeming to do fine. I am going to buy a thermometer tomorrow. Can someone give me some guidance on picking one up. Will any one work? Any special bells and whistles or no? Thanks for the help.

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Maintaining a stable and favorable temperature inside the fish tank is one of the major factors to be considered for a fish tank. The temperature that needs to be maintained may vary according to the type and nature of the fish that you keep in your house. In order to measure the temperature of the water in the fish tanks you must have a fish tank thermometer. Article Source:

Fish tank thermometers can be easily purchased online. There are many types of fish tanks thermometers available. Some of the important ones are:-

Digi-Temp Digital Thermometer – This is the waterproof digital thermometer that can be used for both fresh and salt water. It is one of the most popular of the fish water tanks. Some of the important features of this thermometer are:-

• It has a round-the-clock digital display
• The thermometer is 100% waterproof and completely submersible
• It is completely wireless and is convenient to use
• It is lightweight and compact in size
• It comes with a battery for instant start-up
• The thermometer can be used in both fresh and salt water environments

ATI Thermometers – The ATI thermometers are the most used fish tank thermometers because they are convenient to use and easy-to-read. The stick-on thermometers are produced under the same strict FDA regulations that govern the quality standards for all the medical products. The ATI fish tank Thermometers are of four types. You can choose the one according to the requirement of your fish tank. They are:

• Safety Thermometer (Range 67° to 86°F)
• Mini Thermometer (Range 67° to 83°F)
• Horizontal and Movable Thermometer (Range 65° to 85°F)
• Vertical and Movable Thermometer (Range 65° to 85°F)

Coralife Digital Thermometer – This is one of the convenient to use fish tank thermometers that will assist you in providing your fish pets with a healthy living environment. The main features of Coralife Digital Thermometer are:

• The readings in this thermometer are done in 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
• It has a temperature range of 10 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-23 degrees C to 60 degrees C)
• It comes with mounting suction cups and battery.
• It comes with a 39-inch long temperature probe cord.

Posted by James Hanson:
To be brutally honest, any thermometer that works in water will work fine. Even if it costs one dollar or one hundred dollars. I have always just bought the most basic one I can find at my local fish shop for a couple of dollars and let it float freely in my aquariums. I like to let it move around getting an “average” of the water temperature. Call me old fashion but it gets the job done just fine.

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